Imaike Studio


About Imaike Studio

Comfortable, friendly, neighborly

A relaxing space…arranged and composed against the disquiet of city life.

Imaike Studio is loved for its:

✓ Simple, elegant space

✓ Clean, safe environment

✓ Reasonable pricing

✓ Proximity to Imaike station (or Chikusa station)

We offer you a space where you can work effortlessly, or play casually!

The Amenities

Providing a space with your comfort in mind

Adjustable Lighting


Room-width Mirror

White Board

Projector w/screen

Tables & Chairs


Clean Toilet

Clean conference space...

Turn the space into a conference room, and then an elegant banquet when the work’s done!

Event Types

There are many possibilities. Here are some common events at Imaike Studio.

A quiet relaxing studio...

Fitness and Mindfulness

Yoga classes, Hula, Dancing, Pilates, etc.

A melodic roundtable, or a dramatic stage...

Music, Acting, and Drama

Rehearsal, practice & playing instruments, etc.

A thoughtful, playful classroom...

Language Learning

Kids' lessons, group lessons, private lessons, etc.

A seasonal spirit...

Holiday Events

Christmas parties, Halloween events, Easter events, etc. (We decorate about 4-6 weeks in advance)

Contact for inquiries

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