Welcome to the event organizers’ page!

Are you interested in organizing your own events, but struggle to get the word out?

…or perhaps people know about your event, but have trouble figuring out how to sign up?

…or perhaps people are signing up, but you’re having trouble organizing the information in one neat, easy to use space?

We can help solve all these problems, and more!

It’s super easy to use, and we’ll help you get set up! By becoming an organizer, you can:

    1. Make your own recurring services or one-time events and set your own prices
    2. Set your own schedule and event times
    3. Display your organization/event details to participants automatically when they sign up
    4. See your participants’ bookings on your own calendar and have the ability to cancel/reschedule them at your own convenience
    5. Set a minimum/maximum number of participants for your events
    6. Much more!

By becoming an organizer, you can say goodbye to endless emails or messages asking you how to sign up for your event, or how/when to pay. Simply send them a link to your event page! See an example here.

If you’re interested in organizing your own events, please contact us (contact information below).